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#7: Sara Whalen Shifrin of the Gould Academy IDEAS Center

Sara Whalen Shifrin is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.   Yes, entrepreneurs.  Sara works within a larger organization, Gould Academy, helping to lead the school in new and interesting directions in her role as Director of the IDEAS Center, an Sara Whalen Shifrin at Gould Academy IDEAS Centerentrepreneurial resource  loosely based on the Fablab concept.

So listen in as Sara and I discuss spray painting bikes, grading blueberries, and a possible new job for me if this whole sustainability thing doesn’t work out – Night Shift Slug Picker.

Plus, we spend time digging into the issues such as educating entrepreneurs to go on to become involved with great organizations such as Hardy Girls Healthy Women; the TEDx Dirigo Conference, which we’ll both be attending; and the Blue Napkin Problem, which is the tendency of people to focus on small cosmetic fixes instead of larger structural improvements in sustainability.

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  • Marty Grohman on

    Great job Sara! One day *I* shall be a night shift slug picker….

  • Laura Shifrin on

    Hi Sara, I am a cousin (there are over 5000+ Shifrins living in the world today) and well documented at http://www.geni.com. In addition, at our family website I created almost 15 years ago at http://www.ShifrinFamily.com.I live in South Florida and I am very impressed with what you are doing up in Maine. Green must run in the family. About 6 years ago I founded an online fundraising company called ShopForStudents.com we do not sell the typical unhealthy products like cookie dough or chocolate, instead proudly our most successful product lines are US remanufactured ink and toner (sparing our environment from day 1), we save our customers up to 75%, give free shipping on all ink products and donate 15% of all gross totals to the school, youth team, non profit, charity, worthy groups or special needs families of our customers choice. Clearly you and I also share philanthropic goals and believe in helping others in our communities. Perhaps I can assist you and/or others up in Maine in raising money for one or more of your great causes. Please let me know if that interests you. 954-394-0679. Nice to hear about another entrepreneur or in your case an intrepreneur. Take care, Laura

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