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#20: Mike St. Pierre of Hyperlite Mountain Gear discusses Maine Business

Mike St Pierre Hyperlite Mtn Gear and Marty Grohman Discuss Maine Business

This week I am pleased to be joined by Mike St. Pierre of Hyperlite Mountain Gear, a Biddeford-based manufacturer of ultra-high performance backcountry gear.  We discuss Mike’s background on tour with The Eagles and at Thomas Keller’s per se, and how it informs the company’s Lean Manufacturing process.  I also get to explore the concept of Minimum Viable Product (which I don’t like), and learn how Hyperlite has adapted it for their product development process (in a way I *do* like). Plus, we tour the shop live and include the recording in the cast, something I’ve never done before; and learn a really killer grilled lobster recipe.

If you’re intrigued, at about halfway through the cast there’s a discount code for 10% off your purchase at Hyperlite Mountain Gear.

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#19: Angus King, US Senator from Maine, on growing business in Maine

I was pleased to welcome Angus King, former Governor and current US Senator, to the Grow Maine Show!  Angus was kind enough to invite me to his understated home in Brunswick for a great discussion about what he’s reading, the perspective he’s AngusKingGrowMaineStickergained from representing the Great State of Maine in Washington, D.C., and about Forbes Magazine and how they do their rankings.

As a fellow (muuuuuch lower level) politician, I always appreciate how Angus explains things. He can go over complex concepts like how renewable energy net metering works in everyday language and have it all make sense. It’s a skill I’ve tried to learn from him.

There are two episodes of The Grow Maine Show that feature Angus King – the second is his appearance at an Envision Maine conference.

Angus also hosts his own podcast now called Inside Maine (which I think – really – that I inspired him to do). It’s very good. Here’s a link.

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#18 Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory Deptula

Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory Deptula

Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory DeptulaKarin Gregory and her law firm Furman Gregory Deptula provide legal counsel to entrepreneurs,  and are known for their tag line ‘We Jump Start Start Ups’.  They’ve developed an active specialty in health care and university spinouts, but provide services to all types of entrepreneurs, including tech and transportation.   The firm has offices in Biddeford, Maine and Boston, Mass.

Key takeaways you will learn from this cast:

-Don’t let legal concerns prevent you from thinking bigger
-A university network and ecosystem exists from Bangor to Boston, and you can take advantage of it
-How to use your lawyer

Would you like to arrange a free one hour consultation with Karin and her team?  Fill out this contact form and mention The Grow Maine Show!

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