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Sara Whalen Shifrin of the IDEAS Center

Got an intractable problem you need to break loose? Looking for some fresh ideas and new approaches? Design thinking could be the tool you need. My good friend Sara Whalen Shifrin, Director of the IDEAS Center, is your guide and expert. Rather than the solution you think might work, get to the innovation that your customers actually want.

Sara’s design thinking camp, known as Field Guide, is coming up. You can arrive on Tuesday morning June 27 with a formless, empty darkness of an idea moving upon the surface of the waters, and on the fourth day, you’ll have created something that is good for all mankind.

That’s the potential.

This June, take four days to unplug and connect with creative leaders at Field Guide: A Design Thinking Experience. Register at fieldguide.gouldacademy.org.

And please subscribe – next episode will feature Lucas St. Clair. I dunno, something about a national park. Thinking big is a beautiful thing.





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