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PJ Rose and Haj Carr of TrueLine Public Relations

Do you know why you do what you do? Have you found your why?

We’ve had Haj Carr on before. Through his entrepreneurship journey he has pivoted away from purely focusing on making money to running a business with a purpose. He creates believers, naturally and intuitively. That partnership has been part of TrueLine Publishing, which tends to work with national clients. But how can Maine businesses amplify their online presence? That’s the intention of his new venture, TrueLine Public Relations. So we invited the head of this new local business, PJ Rose, on with us too.

This is an interesting contrast to the previous episode with Steve Woods of TideSmart Global, who focuses on out of state clients, bringing in ‘traded dollars’ from outside the Maine economy. In fact, we started with a great discussion of traded dollars. The question is: are donut shops good for the Maine economy?

Then we get going with Haj and PJ on how they coach clients to start with why. This company goes deep with their clients. They’re not mechanics, “if this then that” guys. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe, who stand for what you stand for.

Plus, PJ gives up his best fly fishing spots. That’s nuts, PJ! You’re way too giving!

Here’s the YouTube reference: Simon Sinek Start With Why



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