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Kevin Cain of MaineSole

Kevin Cain

MaineSole is bringing handcrafted shoemaking back to Dexter, Maine. It is a remarkable startup story of founders that had no factory, no customers, and nothing but the idea that the proud heritage of a Maine town deserves to be handed down to the next generation.

It’s like we entrepreneurs do, jump off the cliff and put the airplane together on the way, right?

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Ben Davis of True Course Yachting and Portland Container Co.

Ben Davis

This is our second time having Ben Davis on. His first visit was one of our most popular episodes ever and we’re glad to have him back to talk about his new venture Portland Container Company.

What I think is amazing about Ben is that he seeks advice and counsel, and he listens to it, and pivots. Frankly, I don’t think I did that well enough as an entrepreneur, so it makes me really appreciate it when I see it. Ben has been relentless in seeking out advice and wisdom, and has done it in an a really egoless way, which is a lot harder than it looks, isn’t it?

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American Author Howard Mansfield, on home and community

Howard Mansfield

Howard Mansfield is an American author who writes about history, preservation, and architecture. He has a particular understanding of what makes a house a home, and a town a community. Learn more about Howard at howardmansfield.com and purchase his books on Amazon.

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