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Kate Dickerson of Maine Science Festival

Kate Dickerson is the founder and director of the Maine Science Festival. Featuring Robert Krulwich of the popular podcast Radiolab as keynote speaker (listen to the episode to hear of Robert’s Maine connections!), this four-day event attracts 12,000 festival goers of all ages to Downtown Bangor and the Cross Insurance Center for more than 60 events and activities available free-of-charge. Featuring forums, workshops, hands-on activities, films, exhibits and presentations, there’s no better place to find out about (and celebrate) Maine science.

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Back to Kate: did you hear about an idea so good that you had to drop everything you’re doing? That’s what Kate did with the Maine Science Festival in 2012. Taking three years to produce the inaugural event, she has built an ongoing success that highlights the ‘you can do it here’ spirit of Maine.

The Maine Science Festival is proud to be an independently funded program of the Maine Discovery Museum, and a member of the Science Festival Alliance.

Sign up to attend the Robert Krulwich event here.

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