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Heather Blease, CEO of SaviLinx

Heather Blease (rhymes with “skis”) is CEO of SaviLinx. SaviLinx is a contact center – that’s them on the other end of the phone when you want to enroll in a new dental plan or have problems with your student financial aid. Savilinx was just ranked #28 on the Inc. 500. May I say, that is just incredible. One of the highest listings achieved by any Maine company ever.

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Recording this episode was the first time I met Heather, she’s really been someone I’ve looked to over as a Maine entrepreneur’s role model. Not too many people reach 2500 employees in just a few years, as she did with her first business; and SaviLinx is poised for strong growth as well. I especially appreciated Heather’s progressive views on hiring people in recovery – I am passionate about this in my work in the Legislature, and employers who are willing to give people a second chance are so important.



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