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Kai Adams of Sebago Brewing Company

Sebago Brewing Company is celebrating 20 years in business, a remarkable thing in any industry. But it didn’t happen by chance – the founding partners have relentlessly worked on their business and their partnership, finding ways to work together that have made them all successful.

And the impetus for Kai to become an entrepreneur gets even more interesting: diagnosed with lymphoma as a young man, Kai realized that it was now or never to pursue his dream. With 250 employees, six locations and as one of Maine’s leading breweries, I’d say it has worked out. What is holding you back from kicking it in?

My brother Owen, the family beer aficionado, met and recorded this interview with Kai at Sebago’s new destination brewery on Main Street in Gorham. This is a great spot to meet and I highly recommend it. You can get a free tour of the working brewery, taste some new beers (and fan favorites), and even grab some lunch or dinner.

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