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Heather Johnson, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development, on the Statewide Economic Development Plan

Heather Johnson grew up in Skowhegan and graduated from the University of Maine. She began her career in the private technology sector including sales, operations and general management roles at Nokia, Gateway and Toshiba. 

After leaving the private sector, Heather had the opportunity to concentrate on rural economic development at Somerset Economic Development Corporation, before her appointment as Director of the ConnectME Authority, a broadband development agency. In this role, Heather was responsible for managing a small grant program, mapping key assets, working with communities and businesses to help them identify needs and opportunities to utilize connectivity to enable their goals.

Today, as Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development Heather continues to dedicate her career to fostering economic development, both in private companies and in rural communities across Maine. She has overseen the development of the first statewide economic development plan for Maine in 25 years.

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