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John Burns of Maine Venture Fund

John is passionate about contributing to a resilient and sustainable Maine economy by supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable corporate growth that contributes to opportunities for Maine people and an economy that works for all and preserves our history while embracing change.

Over 30 years of institutional investing experience, analyzing industries and companies, managing municipal, corporate, and international bond portfolios, and for the last many years serving as Maine Venture Fund (“MVF”) Managing Director, executing and overseeing the full range of venture capital investment activities. I have a passion for working with teams, entrepreneurs, building companies, Maine, and Maine’s economic well-being.

MVF highlights:
• Able to quadruple the amount of capital contributed to (invested in) the fund; capital that is then used to capitalize and grow promising companies;
• Successfully managing a portfolio of early stage equity and near equity investments in small Maine companies;
• Responsible for bringing capital to over 60 Maine companies;
• A dozen positive “exit” events, returning capital to the Fund to enable future investments.

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