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Brett Wickard of Bull Moose & Fieldstack

Brett Wickard founded his first company, Bull Moose Records, after his junior year at Bowdoin College. Wickard oversaw Bull Moose’s rise to become the largest retailer of music, movies, games, and books in northern New England. Wickard then founded Crickery Wood – a provider of point of sale software and services. Wickard’s newest company, FieldStack, fuses elegant inventory, point of sale, loyalty, and eCommerce modules with enhanced analytics, decision making and automation into a Lean Retail platform for medium to large sized retailers.

This is everything the GrowMaine Show is passionate about — being innovative, looking out for employees, building community, giving back — in one remarkable business. Don’t miss this interview with one of Maine’s most innovative entrepreneurs operating with great success in a sector that most people think died when Blockbuster went away.

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