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Steve Woods of A Healthy Conversation

Big news! I’m taking a break from producing The Grow Maine Show each week to focus on the fast growing opportunities at E2Tech!
Steve Woods, CEO of Promerica Health, will take over the time slot at WGAN.

To make the handoff smoother, I recorded an episode with Steve, who is quite an entrepeneur himself.

Each week, host Steve Woods will engage national leaders and local experts from the clinical, business, scientific, academic, and political communities in an honest and upbeat dialogue about today’s healthcare realities and tomorrow’s developing opportunities. From emerging technologies to evolving policy work, personal fitness to public health, each show will showcase the thinkers and explore the thinking that will help us change the conversation – and ultimately change the world.

A Healthy Conversation reflects the broad interests and eclectic experience of host Steve Woods. For over thirty years, through varied roles (marketing executive, sports agent, adjunct professor, business owner, civic leader, board member, and more), Woods has examined health and wellness from every vantage point imaginable.

In his current role as president/CEO of Promerica Health, Woods is working with leading health care providers, brands, employers, and public health officials across the country to improve healthcare access and deliver better outcomes, including COVID-19 testing and future vaccination efforts.

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