To record, I use a Zoom H4N with Giant Squid lav mics.  I try to record all the episodes in person. (Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes is based in New Jersey, even though he has a dark secret: as much as he hates the business climate here, he vacations in Maine). Anyway, I recorded the Kurt Badenhausen episode over Skype using Pamela Call Recorder  – but other than that, they’ve all been in person.

I try to keep the episodes to 25 mins or so but some run a little longer.  I do some prep but mostly I just wing it.  Some people have suggested questions to me (or suggested I get rid of some questions).  I actually really appreciate it and don’t have any ego about it.  If there’s something I should do differently, I’m all ears.  My goal is to celebrate my heroes, Maine entrepreneurs, and I’m always looking to get better at it.

Marada Cook of Northern Girl is the most popular episode.  Early on, the show was also transcribed and printed in the now-defunct Innovation Maine Magazine, for which I’m very indebted to David Flood (former publisher of Innovation Maine). I’m always up for partnerships like that, though.

The logo is by Doc Brudzinksi of Lobstart.  Find him on Etsy as well.  Doc is awesome, I hope y0u’ll hire him for your logo.

The intro music is from my old band Mister Black.  The song is called St. Andrews Cross. You can find it on Bandcamp.  That’s me singing and on the bass. We were based in Cincinnati and played in various forms from 1992-98. (on episodes 9 and 10 it’s a song called Cabbage Blender Mantis).

I host the media on Blubrry.  I use the Powerpress plugin.  (I probably would host on SoundCloud if I had it to do over.)

Do you host (or want to host) a podcast?  What equipment do you use?  Have questions/suggestions? Write to me at martin.j.grohman at

Kick it in.