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Bill Seretta of Fork Food Lab

Bill Seretta of Fork Food Lab

Bill Seretta is a serial social entrepreneur with over 50 years of experience in launching new enterprises and rebuilding old ones in both profit and non-profit sectors.

Bill is founder and President of the Sustainability Lab which created and hosted for 4 years the New England Food System Innovation Challenge. In October of 2018 the Sustainability Lab took over operations of Fork Food Lab. Under Bill’s leadership Fork has grown from 24 members to 43 today. He is now implementing plans to make Fork Food Lab a sustainable business that will provide 60 food entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their businesses in a new 10,000 s/f facility.

Bill holds a BA in Psychology and Anthropology, an MEd and ABD in Education from UMass Amherst.

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Patrick Roche of Think Tank Coworking – Leaving Maine for a Second Act

Patrick Roche of ThinkTank Coworking

Patrick Roche is the Founder and Director of Think Tank Coworking, based in Portland, with three locations in Southern Maine. He is the recipient of numerous accolades, including the 2016 Innovative Small Business award presented by SCORE and the 2017 “Best Small Business” presented by the City of Portland. In addition to running Think Tank, Patrick spends time in New York City where he works with Gesundheit Media, producing video and marketing content. In his spare time, he writes screenplays, enjoys traveling to far-off lands and boating around Casco Bay. He is passionate about civics, the arts and building local creative economy.

Patrick has a lot of perspective on Maine’s startup scene, now that he’s working primarily in NYC. Listen as we explore whether Maine really is the best place to start a business.

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Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom of Mindful Employer

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom is Founder & President of Mindful Employer of Portland, Maine. Here’s her pitch: employees are choosing purposeful work over standard pay and benefits, and they are staying with companies invested in their professional development and wellbeing. By working with Mindful Employer, you can quickly learn about your employee experience and improve recruitment & retention through simple daily practices.

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Maddie Purcell of Fyood Kitchen

Maddie Purcell of Fyood Kitchen

Maddie Purcell is founder and president of Fyood Kitchen. The fast-growing Portland company puts on amateur cooking competitions known as “Fyoods” for birthdays and wedding parties, as well as providing creative team-building events for corporate groups and small companies.

Here’s the player on WGAN News if the one below doesn’t work. Thanks for listening!

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Louis Waterhouse of LAW Calibration

Louis Waterhouse

Louis Waterhouse, founder of LAW Calibration of Saco, learned his craft in the US Air Force, and founded his growing company right here in Maine. Starting out in his basement, he began calibrating torque wrenches – the kind make sure the wheels don’t fall off school buses. Now, he leads a team of nine that service the paper and high technology industry across the northeast. Plus the school buses.

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Jason Harkins of Scratchpad Accelerator

Jason Harkins

Dr. Jason Harkins is the co-head, together with Lisa Liberatore, of Scratchpad Accelerator, which is based in the Bangor region. Jason has some serious startup chops and cred and what I think is a good (and surprising) take on the whole “jump off the cliff and put the plane together on the way down” thing.
Scratchpad has benefited from the support of MTI and founding corporate partner Bangor Savings (which has the enviable URL www.bangor.com), both of which are great organizations.

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Tom Rainey of Maine Center for Entrepreneurs, on WGAN’s Inside Maine

Tom Rainey and Marty Grohman on WGAN

WGAN’s “Inside Maine” airs on Saturday morning. I had the honor of hosting the program on March 2. I booked several guests with the theme of “Service”, starting with Tom Rainey of the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs. MCE provides many important services to Maine startups. The Top Gun program is (deservedly) the best known, but MCE also runs many other important programs, which are covered in this interview. It’s great to be able to publish it here for those who missed it live – I hope you enjoy and give your feedback and suggestions in the comments – my first go around as a live radio host!

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Katie Shorey of Startup Maine

Katie Shorey

Katie Shorey is the Business & Community Liaison for People’s United Bank, and President of Startup Maine, an organization with the mission to inspire & elevate entrepreneurs. She’s a connector; enabler of entrepreneurs & startups, and gives a great interview.

Startup Maine’s annual conference is coming up in June – and it’s not to be missed.

Now’s a great time to get involved! Submit a workshop proposal, go ahead and register, or volunteer.

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Mainebiz New Ventures/Start-up Forum

MaineBiz NewVentures Panel!

Hey, I’m back with The Grow Maine Show. I’m working hard after a really intense run, and loss, in a contest for US Congress. But I’m jumping right back in with this recording of the really great Mainebiz New Ventures/Start-up Forum held August 21. This is content too good to be forgotten, so I’m really glad to present it to you here:

It features:

Eliah Thanhauser of NorthSpore
Allison Lakin of Gorges (“Gorgeous”) Cheeses
Becky McKinnell of iBec Creative
Bill Keleher of Kennebec River Biosciences
Sean Sullivan of Maine Brewers Guild
David Stone of Forager

The panel is moderated by the incomparable Betsy Biemann of CEI.

Promo: the New England Venture Summit in Boston coming right up in Boston on December 12. I have a really nice discount code, $100 off registration. Here it is: GMSVIP. If you choose to attend or pitch, I expect you to kick ass on behalf of Maine!

Great advice from Eliah of NorthSpore: get your systems down. And case in point, as you heard, the battery on my Zoom H4N recorder died in the middle of the panel, so I missed a piece of it – right when Allison talked about her cooler dying – must have been karma. It does give me a chance to thank, and recommend, Headlight Audio Visual. I record a lot of events and they are top notch, and Trevor from Headlight bailed me out with a couple of AA’s at this event.

Get your systems down! Please like share and subscribe, I want to push this episode and others like it far and wide. The Grow Maine Show is on Facebook, go there and like the page to hear about the next episode, which is coming right up! Don’t be afraid to be awesome!

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