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How can we grow without wrecking the place?

Alan Caron and his nonprofit Envision Maine seek to answer these three questions:

  1. What is the engine of Maine’s next economy?
  2. How do we grow without wrecking the place?
  3. What are we gonna do about it?

The group (of which I’m a board member) is hosting a conference called the Envision Maine Summit on Friday September 26 to explore just these three questions.  Please join me there.

PS: I keep forgetting to mention in my intro and outro how much I appreciate WMPG 90.9 carrying excerpts of The Grow Maine Show as part of their entrepreneurial programming.

Listen to the episode:

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#23: Susan Corbett of Axiom Technologies speaks at Envision Maine

Susan Corbett

It could happen to you.  One day, you’re running your medical billing office in Machias, Maine, and you find out that your clients in Boston have faster broadband for less money.  And you think, “I can do that”.

No, actually, Susan Corbett’s kind of tenacity is unusual.  Listen to Susan’s story, and register for the next Envision Maine event with Mary Allen Lindemann of Coffee By Design on May 14.

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#21: Shannon Kinney of Dream Local at Envision Maine

Shannon Kinney of Dream Local

Alan Caron of Envision Maine wishes to answer the following three questions:

  1. What is the engine of Maine’s next economy?
  2. How do we grow without wrecking the place?
  3. What are we gonna do about it?

The Envision Maine series puts remarkable Maine entrepreneurs up on the dais and lets them take a whack at these questions.  Shannon Kinney of Dream Local’s appearance is recorded here, largely unedited.  There’s also an introduction by Alan, and a promo of Maine Startup and Create Week by Don Gooding.

I have to say I think Shannon’s appearance is the best yet, as she really brings it with a well-prepared talk and a classic garage startup tech story.  Tip:  subscribe to Shannon’s blog for more good content like this.  And here’s her slides from the talk.

Come to the next event on April 9 to help answer these questions yourself!  It really is that participative.

Resources Shannon mentions:

The Goodwill TOPS program
Mobilize Maine
Maine Angels
Maine Venture Fund
Pine Tree Zone

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#15: David Stone co-founder of CashStar speaks at Envision Maine

This is a recording of David Stone’s talk at the Envision Maine series, originally recorded on 1/8/14.  Register for the next Envision Maine talk at www.envisionmaine.org and use the discount code GrowMaine for 20% off!

David Stone is one of David D Stone Payments 207Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.  As co-founder of CashStar, his sixth startup, he put Maine’s tech startup community on the map.  The company has grown quickly and in fact was recently ranked the 6th fastest growing tech startup in the country, handling hundreds of millions of dollars of online gift card sales.

David’s talk is an engaging review of his five previous startups (including one with guest #3 Les Otten) and how they led to the phenomenal success of CashStar.

David has since moved on to another venture but remains a wonderful supporter of Portland’s tech community, and can be reached via his website www.payments-207.com.

PS:  Thanks to Mick Dunn of the podcast Risking Failure for making this recording.

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#12: Corky Ellis of Kepware speaks at Envision Maine

Corky Ellis of @kepware speaks at Envision Maine

Corky Ellis of @kepware speaks at Envision Maine

I am pleased to have the opportunity to record the Envision Maine series of entrepreneur talks and post it to my podcast for those who missed it. This talk by Corky Ellis of Kepware Technologies was originally given on December 11. With nearly 75 employees(over half of whom are engineers), Kepware is a noted success in Maine’s software landscape. They are like the Cisco Systems of industrial automation—developing the software that gets industrial machinery communicating.  

Corky has great perspective and experience, and is passionate about the opportunity for Maine to make our educational system a sustained advantage. I hope you enjoy his presentation as much as I did!  Remember “Why Not Us?”

And don’t forget to register for David Stone of Cashstar at Envision Maine on Wednesday January 8 at the Clarion Hotel in Portland!   Enter discount “Grow Maine” at checkout to receive 20% off registration.

Corky Ellis of @kepware speaks at Envision Maine
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