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Angela Ferrari of Story Spectacular

Angela Ferrari of Story Spectacular

Have you ever wondered if you could go for it, and make a living as an artist? Angela Ferrari is a children’s book author & illustrator based in Portland Maine, and the host of the of Story Spectacular podcast. We discuss how she got her business off the ground, what the first steps were, and Maine business resources like CEI and Small Business Development Centers.

I loved the ‘finding your routine’ advice. Here’s a link to the Simple Habit app.

Find out more about Angela and listen to her show here.

Also here is a sneak peek of what she has in store for the Story Spectacular Thanksgiving Special. It’s the “Quirky Turkey” Music Video!!! Enjoy😎

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Margo Walsh of MaineWorks

Margo Walsh with crew

Margo Walsh is the founder and CEO of MaineWorks, which provides day labor to industrial construction sites. The company is growing quickly, not just in spite of – but because – it has a developed a specialty in working with people in recovery. Finding success by helping to solve a difficult, pressing problem. Remarkable. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Susan MacKay: Give me a cutting edge technology and a risky market

…if the idea is innovative enough, risky enough, novel enough, and has the potential to impact an entire market, then Dr. Susan MacKay of Cerahelix is ready to take it on!

Susan is founder and CEO of Cerahelix Corp. of Orono, Maine.  The company has developed and commercialized a ceramic membrane technology that provides high purity filtration under harsh conditions.

Sounds like a typical Maine high-tech business to me.  Making holes in ceramic with DNA.  Not.  But this isn’t even Susan’s first ‘big bet’ in high tech materials, and she and her team have the technical background to make this happen.

Susan was previously CEO of Zeomatrix, another materials-based startup. She has more than 20 years’ experience in materials research and characterization, including 6 years in corporate R&D at 3M Corporation. She was a member of the inaugural MCED “Top Gun” class in 2009, and a Mass Challenge finalist in 2011. Susan holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and was named a “Woman to Watch” by Mass High Tech in 2011.


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#24: Marada Cook of Northern Girl, Maine Food Entrepreneur

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

Marada Cook is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. She’s part owner and manager of three Maine food companies, Northern Girl, Fiddler’s Green Farm, and Crown of Maine Organic, that repurpose, distribute, and sell Maine produce across the northeast and have become core to the regional food system. Join me for a conversation with Marada where she describes – in her understated way – the development of these three companies to where they are today. Recorded onsite at the Slow Money Maine conference.

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

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#23: Susan Corbett of Axiom Technologies speaks at Envision Maine

Susan Corbett

It could happen to you.  One day, you’re running your medical billing office in Machias, Maine, and you find out that your clients in Boston have faster broadband for less money.  And you think, “I can do that”.

No, actually, Susan Corbett’s kind of tenacity is unusual.  Listen to Susan’s story, and register for the next Envision Maine event with Mary Allen Lindemann of Coffee By Design on May 14.

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#21: Shannon Kinney of Dream Local at Envision Maine

Shannon Kinney of Dream Local

Alan Caron of Envision Maine wishes to answer the following three questions:

  1. What is the engine of Maine’s next economy?
  2. How do we grow without wrecking the place?
  3. What are we gonna do about it?

The Envision Maine series puts remarkable Maine entrepreneurs up on the dais and lets them take a whack at these questions.  Shannon Kinney of Dream Local’s appearance is recorded here, largely unedited.  There’s also an introduction by Alan, and a promo of Maine Startup and Create Week by Don Gooding.

I have to say I think Shannon’s appearance is the best yet, as she really brings it with a well-prepared talk and a classic garage startup tech story.  Tip:  subscribe to Shannon’s blog for more good content like this.  And here’s her slides from the talk.

Come to the next event on April 9 to help answer these questions yourself!  It really is that participative.

Resources Shannon mentions:

The Goodwill TOPS program
Mobilize Maine
Maine Angels
Maine Venture Fund
Pine Tree Zone

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#18 Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory Deptula

Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory Deptula

Karin Gregory of Furman Gregory DeptulaKarin Gregory and her law firm Furman Gregory Deptula provide legal counsel to entrepreneurs,  and are known for their tag line ‘We Jump Start Start Ups’.  They’ve developed an active specialty in health care and university spinouts, but provide services to all types of entrepreneurs, including tech and transportation.   The firm has offices in Biddeford, Maine and Boston, Mass.

Key takeaways you will learn from this cast:

-Don’t let legal concerns prevent you from thinking bigger
-A university network and ecosystem exists from Bangor to Boston, and you can take advantage of it
-How to use your lawyer

Would you like to arrange a free one hour consultation with Karin and her team?  Fill out this contact form and mention The Grow Maine Show!

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#14: Nancy Marshall of Nancy Marshall Communications

Nancy Marshall of Nancy Marshall Communications

Nancy Marshall is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.  From her days handling public relations for Sugarloaf, to today as CEO of one of Maine’s most well-known, longest-tenured, and successful marketing firms, Nancy’s built a brand that is practically unmatched in Maine.  In fact, a research study by the Portland firm Critical Insights found that Nancy Marshall Communications was the state’s most recognized public relations or advertising agency.   Recently, the firm has developedNancy Marshall of Nancy Marshall Communications the Marshall plan, a 65 step coordinated, measured, and metered marketing attack; the last step of which is apparently to have a big party on Maine’s biggest ski mountain.

If this is something that sounds right for you, Nancy’s offering a free one-hour personal or business branding assessment, which you can find at www.marshallpr.com/growmaine .  Nancy and her team will contact you to set up a time to meet, and I guarantee you’ll come out of there with some omigosh moments.

Nancy Marshall is not afraid to be awesome!  Don’t be afraid to be awesome!  And as always, help me get the word out, wouldja?  I went to Gould Academy, and our longtime board chair Al Ordway (dearly departed and much missed) used to say, shake two hands for Gould today.  Can you send two tweets for #Maine today?  And if you follow me @growmaine I will follow you back!

Also: while we’re mentioning alma maters, Nancy has an MBA degree from Thomas College (yay, Laurie Lachance!) and undergraduate degree from Colby College (yay, LEED-Silver Colby College Museum of Art!).

Shortlink to this episode (makes it easy to mention it to someone): www.growmaineshow.com/nancy

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#7: Sara Whalen Shifrin of the Gould Academy IDEAS Center

Sara Whalen Shifrin is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.   Yes, entrepreneurs.  Sara works within a larger organization, Gould Academy, helping to lead the school in new and interesting directions in her role as Director of the IDEAS Center, an Sara Whalen Shifrin at Gould Academy IDEAS Centerentrepreneurial resource  loosely based on the Fablab concept.

So listen in as Sara and I discuss spray painting bikes, grading blueberries, and a possible new job for me if this whole sustainability thing doesn’t work out – Night Shift Slug Picker.

Plus, we spend time digging into the issues such as educating entrepreneurs to go on to become involved with great organizations such as Hardy Girls Healthy Women; the TEDx Dirigo Conference, which we’ll both be attending; and the Blue Napkin Problem, which is the tendency of people to focus on small cosmetic fixes instead of larger structural improvements in sustainability.

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