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Haj Carr, CEO of Trueline Publishing

Salsa dancing CEO Haj Carr is on his fourth startup and his fast growing Trueline Publishing in Portland is a breakout digital success. I rolled out some new questions for 2017, like ‘what mistake don’t you make anymore’, and ‘what’s the toughest problem you’ve ever taken on’. (Haj’s response to this one genuinely surprised me.)

This was a very rewarding interview. I hope you’ll feel the same way.  Find TrueLine Publishing online and on Facebook. They’re growing, hiring – get involved.

Sign up for the Envision Maine Conference on Friday February 10 in Bangor, and don’t forget to be awesome. How could you forget a thing like that?

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Jon Gosier, TED Fellow and ODX Leader

It’s so refreshing to hear from Jon Gosier, TED fellow, tech entrepreneur and keynoter at Maine Startup & Create Week.  He’s a very amusing, engaging Philadelphia-based entrepreneur, and we have Jess Knox and the MSCW team to thank for bringing him to town.

Also: for the first time, the Grow Maine Show has a sponsor.  It’s called Hellocycle, and it’s actually my company.  It’s a subscription by mail recycling service.   If you’ve ever thrown a battery in the trash and wondered if it was the right thing to do, or spent time doing errands to return a burnt out twisty-light-bulb to the hardware store, you need us.  I’m looking  for 25 beta testers to try the service out for free, using offer code Hello.  Would you consider signing up?

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Dan Kerluke of Double Blue Sports Analytics

Dan Kerluke is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bangor, Maine based Double Blue Sports Analytics.  He is a former pro hockey player and UMaine hockey coach who recognized a need for easier ‘moneyball’ type statistics tracking in hockey.  Download and try a free demo of the 360 Save Review System for your iPad from the App Store!  (And give it a 5-star review).

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Angus King at Envision Maine Summit: Ten Elements of Entrepreneurial Leadership

As you may know I am a board member of  Envision Maine, a group that works to promote entrepreneurship, and change attitudes about doing business in Maine.  Basically, we’re the opposite pole of the battery – the positive to everyone else’s negative, and it’s creating a lot of good energy.

Although the organization is only one year old, we pulled together, with a lot of good volunteer time that I can’t take any credit for, a really good summit that sold out with 260+ people.  Angus King was our keynote speaker, and you might think he gave just another speech, but he really put a lot of thought and effort into it.  (Angus is an entrepreneur too, although you may not know it, and that’s really how he got his start.)  So he’s got some perspective.

So you get a little intro from Envision Maine board chair Sam Fratoni, who is ex-Hewlett Packard and has some great perspectives himself, and then we go right into Angus.

Subscribe in iTunes or sign up for the email list because next week I have another great guest, Dan Kerluke of Double Blue Sports Analytics.

The top ten list, Angus’ list, I didn’t write that down, if you happen to have done so and would post it on the comments below, it would be much appreciated!


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Eliot Cutler on Entrepreneurial Policy

“…I believe that entrepreneurial activity is a central part of the avenue open to Maine.” – Eliot Cutler

The governor of Maine, obviously, has a strong role in setting policy that affects entrepreneurs. He or she can set a vision and focus for the state that causes business to grow and develop.  I of course think that focus should be entrepreneurship – something we do uncommonly well here in Maine.
In the 2014 election, we have three major candidates.  They have varying perspectives on how to grow Maine’s economy.  To explore those viewpoints (and most assuredly not as an endorsement of any specific candidate) I’ve invited all three of the candidates to come on the show. This episode features Eliot Cutler; Mike Michaud is working with me on scheduling (he’s a US Congressman as well as candidate for Governor) and I’m working to schedule Governor Paul LePage as well.

Here’s a link to Eliot’s book, A State of Opportunity.

By the way, if you’re interested in a deeper dive on entrepreneurial policy, consider getting involved with Envision Maine – I believe they are the best group advancing thinking in this area.

What are your thoughts on what can be done to further improve the atmosphere for entrepreneurship and career opportunity in Maine?


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