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#6: Phil Coupe of Revision Energy

Phil Coupe is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. Since co-founding Revision Energy in 2003, he has led the company in its installation of more than 4,000 commercial and residential renewable…
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#5: Fletcher Kittredge of GWI

Fletcher Kittredge is one of Maine's most remarkable entrepreneurs. He's led the company he founded in 1994, Great Works Internet or GWI, from a time when you needed to explain…
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#4: Clayton Kyle of Clynk

The remarkable thing about Clayton Kyle:  he has developed large-scale, successful businesses in two completely unrelated fields: commercial roofing insulation and beverage container recycling.  In between, he started a venture…
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#2: John Karp of Pantheon Guitars

John Karp is one of Maine's most remarkable entrepreneurs.   The CEO of Pantheon Guitars, he may be our State's best source of new ideas; in fact, he's even got the license plate INVENT…
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#1: Martin Grimnes of Harbor Technology

Martin Grimnes is one of Maine's most remarkable entrepreneurs.  In 1980, he founded Brunswick Technologies, which went on to be publicly traded.  After the acquisition of the company, he brought…
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