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Nick Baudoin, Co-Founder of Powermarket

Nick Baudoin
Nick Baudouin is the Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at PowerMarket. PowerMarket has grown to 20 people since it’s humble beginnings 6 years ago. Located in NYC (although scattered…
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Brett Wickard of Bull Moose & Fieldstack

Brett Wickard
Brett Wickard founded his first company, Bull Moose Records, after his junior year at Bowdoin College. Wickard oversaw Bull Moose's rise to become the largest retailer of music, movies, games, and books in northern…
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Amanda O’Brien of 1820 Wines

Amanda and the Logo
Amanda started eighteen twenty wines in 2015 with a friend who had been home-brewing rhubarb wine. When she tried it, she had the same reaction everyone else does when they…
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Richard Pfeffer of Gritty’s

Richard is co-founder and president of Gritty's Brew Pub, of Portland, Auburn and Freeport Maine. In this episode we discuss the founding of Gritty's, including Richard's background as a sailor…
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Jim Robbins of Robbins Lumber

Jim Robbins
Jim retired as President of Robbins Lumber in 2013. He is staying involved with the company as a consultant but also enjoying his retirement to the fullest. He’s very active…
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