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#19: Angus King, US Senator from Maine, on growing business in Maine

I was pleased to welcome Angus King, former Governor and current US Senator, to the Grow Maine Show!  Angus was kind enough to invite me to his understated home in Brunswick for a great discussion about what he’s reading, the perspective he’s AngusKingGrowMaineStickergained from representing the Great State of Maine in Washington, D.C., and about Forbes Magazine and how they do their rankings.

As a fellow (muuuuuch lower level) politician, I always appreciate how Angus explains things. He can go over complex concepts like how renewable energy net metering works in everyday language and have it all make sense. It’s a skill I’ve tried to learn from him.

There are two episodes of The Grow Maine Show that feature Angus King – the second is his appearance at an Envision Maine conference.

Angus also hosts his own podcast now called Inside Maine (which I think – really – that I inspired him to do). It’s very good. Here’s a link.

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