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Gorham Savings Bank 2017 Launchpad Recap with Pitching Tips

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Ok, so this episode is really amazing. It’s just the five pitches from last year’s GSB Launchpad and the judges questions, that’s it. Nothing in between, all killer no filler, with the winner announced at the end. Be sure to register for this year’s Launchpad, which is June 6. And stay tuned to the end, when I’ll give my pitch tips based on having listened to hundreds of pitches now. Add your own pitch tips in the comments, too, I’d love to compile a fuller list.

Now, register! It’s free and not to be missed:

Watch Five Maine Businesses Compete for $50,000.

Live LaunchPad Event


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One of the things I love about these pitches is that we get to hear the creation story of interesting Maine startups. Digging into what makes Maine businesses tick is essentially the mission of my podcast overall. Flowfold, in their second consecutive appearance at the Launchpad, gives a great presentation, including how the founders stitched the first 1,000 wallets themselves in their parents’ spare room.

Since founding the company, they have grown to 5 employees, automated and added equipment, and developed some of the highest rated products on Amazon.

In the audio, in an attempt to build suspense (since there are three more episodes coming), I don’t mention that Flowfold, the second of five pitches given that day, is the winner. But I can tell you here: see if you can pick out the elements that made the judges prefer this proposal, and enjoy and share this pitch that won $30,000!


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A Live Recording of Gorham Savings Bank’s $30,000 #GSBLaunchpad Pitch Contest

#GSBLaunchpad Contestants

This week I have something really different – a live, unedited recording of Gorham Savings Bank’s Launchpad event that took place on April 10th.  Five entrepreneurs, chosen from 130 submissions, 7 minutes to pitch, no slides, win or go home, $30,000 on the line.  Talk about excitement!

If you want your own piece of the entrepreneurial action, be sure to get involved with Maine Startup and Create Week, coming June 12-20 in venues all around Portland.

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