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#5: Fletcher Kittredge of GWI

Fletcher Kittredge is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. He’s led the company he founded in 1994, Great Works Internet or GWI, from a time when you needed to explain what ‘Internet’ in your company name meant, to today’s cloud services. A five time Inc 500 awardee (are you kidding me?  do you know how unusual that is? and yes I got it wrong in the audio, perhaps because it is so unbelievably awesome), with about 60 or so employees, and instrumental in bringing more than $20 million in federal stimulus money to the state for fiber optic internet upgrades known as the 3 ring binder, Fletcher is understated about his impact on Maine’s economy, but you and I know how substantial it as been.

Hope you enjoy this episode, and laugh along with me not at me, as my how do you cook your lobster question falls flat on its face. So let’s jump right in, and learn that the value of a network increases exponentially as the number of connections increases. A 4 person network is eight times as good as a 2 person network. And how the internet is prone to analogies about screwdrivers and butter knives…Fletcher gets ready to eat a byte.

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