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One of the things I love about these pitches is that we get to hear the creation story of interesting Maine startups. Digging into what makes Maine businesses tick is essentially the mission of my podcast overall. Flowfold, in their second consecutive appearance at the Launchpad, gives a great presentation, including how the founders stitched the first 1,000 wallets themselves in their parents’ spare room.

Since founding the company, they have grown to 5 employees, automated and added equipment, and developed some of the highest rated products on Amazon.

In the audio, in an attempt to build suspense (since there are three more episodes coming), I don’t mention that Flowfold, the second of five pitches given that day, is the winner. But I can tell you here: see if you can pick out the elements that made the judges prefer this proposal, and enjoy and share this pitch that won $30,000!


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