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Lou Simms of Maine Technology Institute

Taking some downtime away from the office during the coronavirus outbreak and thinking about your next startup? Well you came to the right place. Learn how to apply to MTI from Lou Simms, who serves as a Senior Investment Officer at Maine Technology Institute. Lou joined MTI in 2015 and truly relishes the opportunities to work with Maine’s aspiring entrepreneurs – dedicated to supporting the growth of Maine’s innovation economy on a daily basis.

Lou joined MTI after finishing his Master’s work at the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute and Organic Dairy Research Farm – and Lou has prior experience running small businesses in Portland, ranging from rocking bowling alleys to financial literacy counseling.

Originally from Kentucky, Lou is inspired by the natural beauty and unique sense of community here in Southern Maine – and he can think of no better place for he & his wife to raise their young son!

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Startups in Maine – The MTI Tech Walk in Bangor

At the Maine Technology Institute Tech Walk:  Victor Hwang of T2 Venture Capital and author of The Rainforest was the keynoter.

It was definitely a day of biotech, genetics research and, laboratory management software.  Quite remarkable, really.  First I spoke to Janet Yancey-Wrona of Bar Harbor Biotechnologies.  Janet was the founding director and president of MTI from 1999-2005, during the time I was founding CorrectDeck.  So it was good to see her.

Then I tech-walked over to see Kat Taylor of Genotyping Center of America.  A year ago when I met GTCA in Top Gun, these guys were all working their day jobs and getting this startup off the ground.   A year late, they’ve made remarkable progress.

I also ran into Jeff Marks of E2 Tech, which stands for Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine, e2tech.org.  I plan to attend their recycling forum Oct. 16.

Then I rock stepped over to re-record Abigail Ames, Director of Technology at Rock Step Solutions, maker of lab management software that works across multiple devices.



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