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Carla Harris speaks at Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute

Carla Harris is VP and managing director of Morgan Stanley down in New York City. She delivered a great keynote address at the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute. We all have advice we’d give our younger self – that’s Carla’s topic, and it’s a great one. And as you’ll hear in the recording, it was very timely advice for me.

Carla Harris is remarkable, and the fit is perfect with this audience. The Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute is a great program for young women, started by Senator Olympia Snowe. Olympia doesn’t do anything small, and this program already has 500 young women from across Maine enrolled. What’s different is the young women selected for the program are the ones who are a little less likely to step forward themselves – but have a lot of potential. Maybe a little bit like the future Senator was at that time.

I hope you enjoy this recording and will support the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

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Matt Jacobson of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative

Now, want to learn about lobster? What is new shell, what you can make besides the traditional lobster bake? You’ve come to the right place.

Matt Jacobson is the executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. But he’s also an experienced executive and nonprofit leader. Among other roles, he ran Maine & Co, which focuses on encouraging businesses to relocate to Maine.

There’s lots of lobster stuff coming up to promote, too. The MLMC plans a live event in NYC – an in-house broadcast with chefs and lobstermen talking about Maine Lobster. It will be on July 16 (at the start of the season). They expect more than 100,000 to watch from all over the world. It’ll be live on our social channels – lobsterfrommaine on Twitter and F/B and Insta. We’re really excited about it.

And don’t forget National Lobster Day is Sept 25, and sometime this summer we’re due to get the new lobster emoji! About time!

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American Author Howard Mansfield, on home and community

Howard Mansfield

Howard Mansfield is an American author who writes about history, preservation, and architecture. He has a particular understanding of what makes a house a home, and a town a community. Learn more about Howard at howardmansfield.com and purchase his books on Amazon.

You can ask a question or leave a comment for a future show at (207) 423-8260.

Subscribe to the podcast feed right here using your favorite podcasting app or subscribe using iTunes.

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Adam Burk of Treehouse Institute

Adam Burk of Treehouse Institute

Adam is a social innovator and cultural architect. His life and work is dedicated to living well in this place with others. He creates spaces – physical and programmatic – that raise the level of resilience, and improve communication in communities. Adam made a big leap by launching TEDxDirigo in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since, also producing MaineLive and other events in conjunction with his nonprofit Treehouse Institute.

Listen to the episode for an offercode to register for TEDxDirigo RISE coming up on Saturday November 4, and take a look here for guides to creating comfortable spaces for challenging conversations.

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Janine Cary of the Maine International Trade Center

Janine Cary as Grow Maine Show Logo

In 2016: 2,264 Maine companies exported $2.8 billion in goods and services to 168 countries. International trade supports nearly 1 in 4 Maine jobs. The Maine International Trade Center, led since 2005 by my guest Janine Cary, makes it all happen by advising Maine companies on both the technical and the operational sides of exporting.

If your growing business is looking to begin exporting, Maine International Trade Day on May 25, 2017 presents a unique opportunity to get a rocket start. Sign up here.

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The Importance of Engineers in Growing Maine’s Economy, recorded at Maine State Chamber of Commerce Engineering Workforce Summit

Maine Engineering Workforce Summit

A little self-aggrandizing here, since I’m a chemical engineer myself, but I very much enjoyed this talk by Charles “Chuck” Lawton, well known newspaper columnist and consulting economist. The take is that engineers create jobs, and moving engineers into the Maine workforce is a good thing.

Special thanks to the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, who always put on good events, and Headlight Audio Visual, for the great work on the audio for the event.

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Flowfold Logo

One of the things I love about these pitches is that we get to hear the creation story of interesting Maine startups. Digging into what makes Maine businesses tick is essentially the mission of my podcast overall. Flowfold, in their second consecutive appearance at the Launchpad, gives a great presentation, including how the founders stitched the first 1,000 wallets themselves in their parents’ spare room.

Since founding the company, they have grown to 5 employees, automated and added equipment, and developed some of the highest rated products on Amazon.

In the audio, in an attempt to build suspense (since there are three more episodes coming), I don’t mention that Flowfold, the second of five pitches given that day, is the winner. But I can tell you here: see if you can pick out the elements that made the judges prefer this proposal, and enjoy and share this pitch that won $30,000!


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#24: Marada Cook of Northern Girl, Maine Food Entrepreneur

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

Marada Cook is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. She’s part owner and manager of three Maine food companies, Northern Girl, Fiddler’s Green Farm, and Crown of Maine Organic, that repurpose, distribute, and sell Maine produce across the northeast and have become core to the regional food system. Join me for a conversation with Marada where she describes – in her understated way – the development of these three companies to where they are today. Recorded onsite at the Slow Money Maine conference.

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

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#19: Angus King, US Senator from Maine, on growing business in Maine

I was pleased to welcome Angus King, former Governor and current US Senator, to the Grow Maine Show!  Angus was kind enough to invite me to his understated home in Brunswick for a great discussion about what he’s reading, the perspective he’s AngusKingGrowMaineStickergained from representing the Great State of Maine in Washington, D.C., and about Forbes Magazine and how they do their rankings.

As a fellow (muuuuuch lower level) politician, I always appreciate how Angus explains things. He can go over complex concepts like how renewable energy net metering works in everyday language and have it all make sense. It’s a skill I’ve tried to learn from him.

There are two episodes of The Grow Maine Show that feature Angus King – the second is his appearance at an Envision Maine conference.

Angus also hosts his own podcast now called Inside Maine (which I think – really – that I inspired him to do). It’s very good. Here’s a link.

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