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Dan Dinsmore of PineTreeWatch.org


Dan Dinsmore is executive director of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, an independent news outlet that publishes at pinetreewatch.org. The episode is a bit of a departure for me, in that it’s the first nonprofit startup that I’ve profiled, but it’s very interesting and it’s clearly an area of growth and opportunity, something that any startup wants.

If you’re interested in how the news works and love true in-depth reporting, this episode is for you.

Speaking of startups, there’s a lot of great stuff coming up. First, now’s the time to apply to Gorham Savings Bank’s annual Launchpad pitch competition:


And, go ahead and grab a ticket to Startup Maine – where everything startup in Maine comes together. These tickets are only $48 and now is the time to buy one. We are not doing discount codes or anything like that this year – it is a great deal so grab a ticket to help us out!


That’s it! Stay tuned after the bumper music for a little bonus content with Dan!

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Carla Harris speaks at Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute

Carla Harris is VP and managing director of Morgan Stanley down in New York City. She delivered a great keynote address at the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute. We all have advice we’d give our younger self – that’s Carla’s topic, and it’s a great one. And as you’ll hear in the recording, it was very timely advice for me.

Carla Harris is remarkable, and the fit is perfect with this audience. The Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute is a great program for young women, started by Senator Olympia Snowe. Olympia doesn’t do anything small, and this program already has 500 young women from across Maine enrolled. What’s different is the young women selected for the program are the ones who are a little less likely to step forward themselves – but have a lot of potential. Maybe a little bit like the future Senator was at that time.

I hope you enjoy this recording and will support the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

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Justin Chenette: Digital Advertising Executive, Nonprofit Leader, and Legislator

Justin Chenette is a high-energy social media and digital advertising executive, as well as the State Legislator representing Saco.  He’s in a new role at the Journal Tribune (a Biddeford and Saco based newspaper).

Justin shares high-value tips on building your brand, particularly by using cause marketing in conjunction with a comprehensive media plan.

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