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#6: Phil Coupe of Revision Energy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhil Coupe is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. Since co-founding Revision Energy in 2003, he has led the company in its installation of more than 4,000 commercial and residential renewable energy systems. The company now has more than 50 employees and four offices in Maine and New Hampshire. To fuel this kind of growth, they’ve invested in branding in unusual and effective ways, putting that Revision Energy Sun logo in unexpected places that are in alignment with the company’s sustainability mission – they support what their customers support.  And they’ve taken a leading position in social media marketing, with a full time staff member acting in that capacity.

Plus, you’ll get to hear the word ‘foment’ used in a sentence; learn how Maine’s 440,000 oil boilers make the state a target rich environment; and how much energy the sun has (which is apparently about the same amount as Phil has, as I was to find out the hard way on the mountain bike ride we completed just after recording the cast).

ReSunLogoThe conference I mention in the show was Agents of Change – great!

Kennebec Valley Community College Solar Instructor Training Network – training solar hot water engineers throughout the east.

Yes it’s true: in one hour the sun delivers enough energy to the face of the earth to power every human energy demand for an entire year.  Efficiency Maine is offering some incentives right now.

And can you believe, as we recorded this episode with our bikes, I forgot to ask Phil about his first bike? Well, it turns out it was a Schwinn.  What do you call two bicycles attached at the handlebar?  Siamese Schwinns.  Ba dum bump.

Also, during the cast, the bird dog that came up to us during the recording was a wirehair. My dog is an English Setter, and we have gotten our bird hunting season off to a good start, with several birds in the bag.

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Hey, see my Mom, Joann Grohman, featured in the October Down East magazine, in a great article titled Cowgirl, written by Josh Bodwell, with photography by Patryce Bak!

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