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#21: Shannon Kinney of Dream Local at Envision Maine

Shannon Kinney of Dream Local

Alan Caron of Envision Maine wishes to answer the following three questions:

  1. What is the engine of Maine’s next economy?
  2. How do we grow without wrecking the place?
  3. What are we gonna do about it?

The Envision Maine series puts remarkable Maine entrepreneurs up on the dais and lets them take a whack at these questions.  Shannon Kinney of Dream Local’s appearance is recorded here, largely unedited.  There’s also an introduction by Alan, and a promo of Maine Startup and Create Week by Don Gooding.

I have to say I think Shannon’s appearance is the best yet, as she really brings it with a well-prepared talk and a classic garage startup tech story.  Tip:  subscribe to Shannon’s blog for more good content like this.  And here’s her slides from the talk.

Come to the next event on April 9 to help answer these questions yourself!  It really is that participative.

Resources Shannon mentions:

The Goodwill TOPS program
Mobilize Maine
Maine Angels
Maine Venture Fund
Pine Tree Zone

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