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Mick Dunn of Shift Energy LLC

Mick Dunn of Shift Energy LLC

Mick Dunn is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.  OK, well, he’s one of Australia’s most remarkable entrepreneurs, but he’s here in Maine.  (Don’t you just love these Maine businesses that are national and international leaders?).Mick Dunn of Shift Energy LLC

Mick’s got a background in commercial construction, and a multimillion dollar renewable energy business in a niche I’m guessing you don’t even think is legit, solar air heating.  But if it’s done right, solar air heating can easily heat a gymnasium, and that’s what Mick’s company Shift Energy does.

So listen in as we get to hear some good Australian business expressions like ‘even the keel out’, and international perspective on doing business in Maine, including that it can be an insular market, and why that’s a good thing; as well as an introduction to Mick’s podcast, Risking Failure.

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