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Jason Harkins of Scratchpad Accelerator

Jason Harkins

Dr. Jason Harkins is the co-head, together with Lisa Liberatore, of Scratchpad Accelerator, which is based in the Bangor region. Jason has some serious startup chops and cred and what I think is a good (and surprising) take on the whole “jump off the cliff and put the plane together on the way down” thing.
Scratchpad has benefited from the support of MTI and founding corporate partner Bangor Savings (which has the enviable URL www.bangor.com), both of which are great organizations.

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Gorham Savings Bank 2017 Launchpad Recap with Pitching Tips

GSB Launchpad Logo

Ok, so this episode is really amazing. It’s just the five pitches from last year’s GSB Launchpad and the judges questions, that’s it. Nothing in between, all killer no filler, with the winner announced at the end. Be sure to register for this year’s Launchpad, which is June 6. And stay tuned to the end, when I’ll give my pitch tips based on having listened to hundreds of pitches now. Add your own pitch tips in the comments, too, I’d love to compile a fuller list.

Now, register! It’s free and not to be missed:

Watch Five Maine Businesses Compete for $50,000.

Live LaunchPad Event


Interested in my campaign for US Congress? Learn more and get involved at martygrohman.com.

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Matt Jacobson of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative

Now, want to learn about lobster? What is new shell, what you can make besides the traditional lobster bake? You’ve come to the right place.

Matt Jacobson is the executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. But he’s also an experienced executive and nonprofit leader. Among other roles, he ran Maine & Co, which focuses on encouraging businesses to relocate to Maine.

There’s lots of lobster stuff coming up to promote, too. The MLMC plans a live event in NYC – an in-house broadcast with chefs and lobstermen talking about Maine Lobster. It will be on July 16 (at the start of the season). They expect more than 100,000 to watch from all over the world. It’ll be live on our social channels – lobsterfrommaine on Twitter and F/B and Insta. We’re really excited about it.

And don’t forget National Lobster Day is Sept 25, and sometime this summer we’re due to get the new lobster emoji! About time!

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Kevin Cain of MaineSole

Kevin Cain

MaineSole is bringing handcrafted shoemaking back to Dexter, Maine. It is a remarkable startup story of founders that had no factory, no customers, and nothing but the idea that the proud heritage of a Maine town deserves to be handed down to the next generation.

It’s like we entrepreneurs do, jump off the cliff and put the airplane together on the way, right?

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